I got nothing …

… nothing in the news I really want to comment about; no new music to share … I can’t even think of anything personal to share that’s worth writing about.

For me, that’s not generally a good thing; it often is an indication I’m entering an emotional trough, that I’m about to have a depressive episode of some sort. On the bright side, the realization (or rather the recognition) of this can allow me to take steps to extricate myself from the trough before I get mired.

And of course this realization is a dual-edged sword. It also means that unless I can extricate myself, I’m going to be stuck for awhile. And when one’s motivational levels are as tenuous as mine tend to be, it’s very easy to accept the inevitability, not act and just slide right into that comfortably familiar trough.

But fight it, I will … whether back on the slopes this weekend or back on the bike (weather conditions dictating which), I have to take some action.

And on the bright side, my investment in Citigroup is up 49.5% in just two days. If I were a trader, I’d be looking to sell out quick, but my position is small enough (only 200 shares) that it’s not really worthwhile locking in a $95.00 gain (and less than that after commissions); and I consider myself to be an investor, not a trader. Time will tell.


  1. Get on your bike for ten minutes and it will turn into an hour easy. Skiing is hard because it’s more of a social sport.

    Spring is looking light, maybe we can do a spin together or a half day of skiing.

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