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2009 Ride #6

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In 2008, I didn’t get on my bike until March 15th. It was the end of May before I even attempted Emigration Canyon (turning around at Ruth’s Diner), and the end of June before I made it to the top of Little Mountain.

Today is March 1. Thus far this year, I’ve done 127 miles, with over 6000′ of climbing, including today’s attempt at Emigration (turning around at Sun & Moon). If I keep this up, I just might be able to really start calling myself a cyclist again and mean it.

4 Comments on "2009 Ride #6"

  1. Nicely done! I went skiing yesterday and today, but saw lots of cyclist on my way home. Made me feel sorry that I didn’t ride today.

    The Moab Skinny Tire Festival is coming up and I am going to be in the worst shape out of everyone there. Maybe I’ll ride Emigration next weekend.

  2. Hey Flahute! Was the bike path over Parley’s ridable? Last time I tried it from wasatch it was snowed over still, but looks like you made it, and it has been a week or two since the last time I looked at it…



  3. Completely clear of snow … there is a fair amount of gravel on the path though from the snow melt.

    Last week, there was a little snow on the hump up to Wasatch just after the second bridge crossing, but only because it was shaded from the cliff area, but even then there was a ridable line.

    Obviously, if we get any more big storms things could change, but for now it’s good.

  4. I heard about your emi ride. Nice! I’m in Philly playing with Ari in the Snow. I think I’ve ridden my bike twice this year! You’re kicking my ass.

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