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2009 Ride #3

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After a not so wonderful day skiing yesterday, and staying out way too late last night, I figured today would be a good day for a bike ride … close to 50 degrees, overcast, but not raining or snowing.

Rolled out about about 1:45, and just spun to where my legs took me … stopped in at Contender to pick up some tubbie glue and price out a rear derailleur to replace the one that exploded last summer, then easy back down through Sugarhouse to Highland Drive and home. 16 miles, an hour and 9 minutes rolling time. Overdressed so sweaty, but didn’t push too hard. Legs felt okay, lungs okay.

2 Comments on "2009 Ride #3"

  1. Good on ya, stick with it.

    I have no clue WTF you’re doing with tubular glue though.

  2. So what do you use to attach your tubbies to the rim? And what do you huff when doing maintenance?

    Tubbies are how I roll.

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