Jason Chaffetz is an idiot

Jason Chaffetz is the freshman Representative from Utah’s 3rd Congressional District; primarily southwest Salt Lake County and Utah County. He has been documenting his first year in Congress for CNN.com. The except below is from a recent commentary on the economic stimulus package, which Rep. Chaffetz claims will do nothing to help the average American.

Commentary: We can’t spend our way to economic salvation – CNN.com

This is throwing fits for the Democrats. My constituents are hailing my “no” vote and I am getting lots of support back home.

I spoke with a guy who employs 12 people in his small trucking company. He sees a trillion dollars in new deficit spending and yet nothing that will help him.

I spoke with Fred Lampropoulos, CEO of Merit Medical, a major employer in my district, and they, too, understand the Democrats’ bill won’t help their business.

When someone on the street asks me about it, I have to tell them there is honestly nothing in it for them. Should this finally pass, I am afraid it will go down in history as one of the biggest blunders ever. It is a pork-filled special interest bill designed to pay off certain groups but won’t do much for the average family.

For the guy who runs the small trucking company … much of the spending in the bill is for infrastructure; and it appears that $1.5 billion will be heading to Utah. Infrastructure is building roads and bridges, amongst other things. How does the gentleman who runs the trucking company thing that all the materials for these infrastructure gets to the jobs sites? Does the Angel Moroni just magically drop his golden trumpet and start moving asphalt?

No … all the material is trucked there. If the owner of the trucking company doesn’t see opportunity there to contract or subcontract his trucks (and possibly expand his business), then as far as I am concerned, his business deserves to fail.

As for Merit Medical … the bill includes billions of dollars for medical research, including heart disease. Merit Medical’s primary business is manufacturing devices “used in diagnostic and interventional cardiology and radiology procedures.” Are you telling me that of the $8.5 billion being allocated to medical research, Merit Medical cannot come up with a way to get a grant from the NIH to help their own research and development of new products? Again, if you can’t see the opportunity, then you don’t deserve the help.

But hey, what do I know?