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Huntsman supports civil unions

Huntsman supports same-sex civil unions SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) – The republican governor of Utah, Jon Huntsman Jr., is dropping a big, fat political bombshell right in the middle of the state capitol. He is endorsing same sex civil unions, and that has made Huntsman a hero to some Utahns and a traitor […]

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Republicanism Explained

Okay … now this is some funny shit … I’ve just snipped an except, but you’ve gotta go read the full thing. First Draft: Republicanism Explained Well, I’ve done a lot of observing and thinking, and it seems to me that the Republican party stands for two things. Tax cuts are the cure for everything, […]


J-Lo’s Wild Card

BMC Racing Team Awarded Wild Card Status The UCI announced Tuesday that the BMC Racing Team is among the Professional Continental squads which have been granted Wild Card status for the 2009 season.  “We are extremely pleased that the UCI has sanctioned the BMC Racing Team with the Wild Card designation for the 2009 racing […]

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Details, please!

Geithner Sets Out Sweeping Overhaul to Bank Bailout – WASHINGTON — The White House plan to rescue the nation’s financial system, announced on Tuesday by Timothy F. Geithner, the Treasury secretary, is far bigger than anyone predicted and envisions a far greater government role in markets and banks than at any time since the […]