Oakley’s new hideousness …

Oakley Jawbone

VeloNews | The scoop on the new shades being sported by Armstrong and friends.

The original Racing Jacket, introduced in the ’90s, was built for the bad boys of the peloton, those riders who needed something that left more of an impression than the brand’s subdued shield type sunglass of the era, the M-Frame. Oakley intends the Jawbone to provide the same contrast to the Radar. Columbia’s George Hincapie called Jawbone “the baddest racing glasses Oakley has made.”

It’s not all about looking tough, though: there’s motive for much of the design of this new glass.

I’d have to see them on, but thus far, I think the new Oakley Jawbones are worse than the Racing Jackets that Hincapie wore for the past several seasons … he may think they’re the “baddest”, but I think they’re the worst “racing” glasses Oakley has made.

Of course, Oakley has outdone these for sheer ugliness with some of their fashion glasses, like theMonster Dog,Oil Drum andOil Rig.