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Poetry Friday

MY FIRST MEMORY (OF LIBRARIANS) This is my first memory: A big room with heavy wooden tables that sat on a creaky       wood floor A line of green shades—bankers’ lights—down the center Heavy oak chairs that were too low or maybe I was simply       too short             For me to sit in and read So my […]


No more CX Boom

Belgians may love to heckle the Dutch, but they love cyclocross even more, even going to the extent of petitioning young Dutch ‘cross star Lars Boom to ask him to continue racing the winter sport. I think they know that the sport needs strong competition from nations other than Belgium, and the Netherlands is as […]

Cycling Word Play

Porn porn porn porn

… of a certain type, anyway. Now available for pre-order (currently $37.00) from Amazon.com. Custom Bicycles: A Passionate Pursuit    by Christine Elliott & David Jablonka Cycling has never lost its appeal. Alongside mass-produced models, the craftsmanship of handmade bespoke bicycle makers has emerged to satisfy the passion of people who ride bikes as a means […]

Current Events Cycling

Bike thieves suck

… but this sucks even more than the usual bike theft. Stolen from KSL: Company offers reward for return of items stolen from cyclist’s home The company who made the Marvel statues stolen from cyclist Dave Zabriskie’s home last week is now offering a reward for their return. Sideshow Collectibles is offering a $10,000 reward […]

Current Events

A plan?

A-Train asked me today how I see the plan helping people (while avoiding answering my own question to him on how he would try to fix the problems facing our nation today). I see the plan creating jobs by putting people to work building and updating necessary infrastructure and investing in our energy future, instead […]

Cycling Life

Allegories of life …

From The Legend of Bagger Vance: Bagger Vance: Fix your eyes on Bobby Jones. Look at his practice swing. Almost like he’s searching for something. Then he finds it. Watch how he settle this up, right into the middle. Feel that focus. He’s got a lot of shots to choose from. Duffs and tops and […]