Choosing a cycling team

I don’t think I’m going to re-up with my current club/team for 2009.

The biggest reason is because I’m broke … I still haven’t worn the clothing I got for 2008; and what’s the point of spending that kind dough on clothes that likely aren’t going to get worn.

Another reason is because the team is more mountain-bike oriented than anything; a few years ago, it was all about the various Intermountain Cup races throughout Utah, but more recently it’s been about the 24-hour races.

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a roadie, with a generous amount of love for cyclocross (which I think of as just being a roadie riding off-road).

The main reason, though, is that I have a lot of friends who ride for a lot of different clubs around the valley, and I don’t really feel like picking sides.

No, that last bit is a lie. Really, it’s that I generally prefer to ride alone, or with a very small group of people (a group of 2-3 is perfect, any more than that and it tends to turn into a race). When you belong to a team, you kind of feel obligated to show up to team events, and I haven’t been to a Cutthroat-specific event in months, other than the Cutthroat Cross race.

This is not a diss on the Cutthroat team members, because the ones I know are an incredible group of people, but the team has gotten larger, and I see names coming across the mailing list that I have absolutely no clue who they are.

I’m just not really sure if I fit anymore, and am thinking it might do me good to step away for a year, and just get used to being back on the bike, and then do what feels natural, whether it’s rejoining Cutthroat Racing for 2010, or finding another club altogether.

Or maybe I will just re-up anyway. Who knows … I certainly don’t.