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Never again will I pour out a bottle of bad wine!

R81-2-2. Liquor Returns, Refunds and Exchanges.

(1) Purpose. This rule establishes guidelines for accepting liquor returns, refunds and exchanges.

(2) Application of Rule.

(a) Unsaleable Product. Unsaleable product includes product that is spoiled, leaking, contains foreign matter, or is otherwise defective. The department will accept for refund or exchange liquor merchandise that is unsaleable subject to the following conditions and restrictions:

(i) Returns of unsaleable merchandise are subject to approval by the store manager to verify that the product is indeed defective.

(ii) The product must be returned within a reasonable time of the date of purchase. Discontinued products may not be returned. Vintages of wine that are not currently being retailed by the department may not be returned.

(iii) All returned product must have the state stamp attached to each bottle.

(iv) No refunds shall be given for wines returned due to spoilage such as corkiness, oxidation, and secondary fermentation, or due to the customer’s unfamiliarity with the characteristics of the product. Such wines may only be exchanged for another bottle of the same product. Wine will not be accepted for refund or exchange if the return is a result of improper extraction of the cork.

Date of Enactment or Last Substantive Amendment: November 1, 2005
Notice of Continuation: September 6, 2006
Authorizing, and Implemented or Interpreted Law: 32A-1-107; 32A-1-301 to 32A-1-305

8 Comments on "WooHOO!"

  1. Huh?

    Bummer? Why is being able to return spoiled bottles of wine a bummer?

    A far bigger bummer is having to pour $30.00 down the drain because some winery couldn’t sterilize their corks well enough.

  2. BUMMER to take a sip and finding it spoiled in the first place. It’s like pouring a bowl of my favorite cereal (Reese’s Peanut Butter Puffs or Fruity Pebbles — it’s a tie) and discovering that the milk is sour.

  3. Well yes, that is a bummer … but less so now that I know that I can return the bottle for exchange.

  4. My question is how do you get the wine back to the store? I’d be terrified of the dang cops that always loiter around them. I wouldn’t put it past them to see someone getting out with an open bottle (even one with a cork semi-shoved back into it) and throw out an open-container violation.

    • I’ve never really noticed cops hanging out around the liquor stores … at least not 90th South, Fort Union, or the 3rd East wine store … haven’t been to the new wine store yet. I’d just put the bottle back in a bag, and carry the bag in; and make sure you remove the bottle from either the back seat or the trunk, instead of the front seat.

  5. I guess I’m biased by the one on 4th south downtown. The cops lurk there frequently, as well as the one on State around 50th or so. Granted, the one downtown has a lot of homeless visitors…but they still make me feel so damned dirty!

  6. When I lived downtown, I tried to avoid that one. Usually went to the one under Avenues Smiths, or the 3rd East wine store. I’m in Holladay now … will pop in the one on 48th South in Holladay if I just need a quick something, but for wine I usually hit 90th South or Ft. Union, since I work in South Jordan.

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