Why is it that ski apparel manufacturers seem to think that people fit one particular body type? Seems like all the ski apparel manufacturers think that if you have a 37″ waist, you also have a 35″ inseam … I’m 5’9″, not 6’3″. And if not that, then the manufacturers think that the wearers are extremely cold sensitive and make hyper-insulated apparel. Yeah … I’m fairly well insulated on my own.

Someone needs to come up with some good ski pant shells with inner thigh vents, non-insulated (but mesh liner), gaiters, reinforced cuffs to protect against edges, and adjustable waist tabs for short, fat guys, or even short, normal middle-aged guys … with lots of pockets. That means 36-38″ waist and a 30″ inseam, not 34-35″ inseam.

Betcha there’d be a good market for them.

And you know what … if I could find some softshell pants with a similar profile, but closer fitting, I’d probably be out on my snowshoes more often, exercising, losing weight, thus requiring investment in new winter clothing as I get thinner. Woohoo! Stimulation for the economy!