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Apparel for short, chubby skiers?

Why is it that ski apparel manufacturers seem to think that people fit one particular body type? Seems like all the ski apparel manufacturers think that if you have a 37″ waist, you also have a 35″ inseam … I’m 5’9″, not 6’3″. And if not that, then the manufacturers think that the wearers are extremely cold sensitive and make hyper-insulated apparel. Yeah … I’m fairly well insulated on my own.

Someone needs to come up with some good ski pant shells with inner thigh vents, non-insulated (but mesh liner), gaiters, reinforced cuffs to protect against edges, and adjustable waist tabs for short, fat guys, or even short, normal middle-aged guys … with lots of pockets. That means 36-38″ waist and a 30″ inseam, not 34-35″ inseam.

Betcha there’d be a good market for them.

And you know what … if I could find some softshell pants with a similar profile, but closer fitting, I’d probably be out on my snowshoes more often, exercising, losing weight, thus requiring investment in new winter clothing as I get thinner. Woohoo! Stimulation for the economy!

6 Comments on "Apparel for short, chubby skiers?"

  1. How about these?

    I saw an ad for them in Powder and keep going back to their site to look.

  2. Heh heh – you blocked my html. It was innocent, I swear. Here’s the link:

  3. this reminds me, i need to get out snowshoeing more.

    maybe a snoshu tweetup?

  4. Oh please, don’t use the clothing excuse for shoeing. Go in your bike tights during the day and snow pants in the evening!

  5. How about having the opposite problem? I usually wear a womens small but have a 33″ inseam…reverse problem.

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