CX rider could use a hand

As many of you may know, I have had a long association with Richard Sachs … I built his website; he built two of my bikes, and even though I’ve never met him face-to-face, I consider Richie to be one of my closest pals.

RGM Watches-Richard Sachs-Rex Chiu Cyclocross Team member Will Dugan, who will also be respresenting the US in the U23 category at the Cyclocross World Championships at the end of January, has spent the past several weeks in Belgium at the Eurocross Camp in Izegem. Richard Sachs has compiled many of his email updates on a forum that he admins on Velocipede Salon.

The two week Eurocross camp, as well as the trip back to Europe for the World Championships, costs a lot of money. By Richard’s estimates, it totals out around $6000. Due to the infinite wisdom of USA Cycling, riders must pay all of their own expenses for this: a chance to represent themselves, their respective teams, USA Cycling and ultimately their nation.

Many riders have friends and families who have parties and bake sales and the like to help raise money. Others have dedicated online sites where donations can be made. For Will, the Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team has decided on the Paypal route. Despite the service fees, Richard feel this is the best and quickest method to raise money.

To this end we are asking any readers of Will’s updates, and to some extent everyone who cares about cyclocross to make a donation that will enable Will Dugan to complete the second half of his 2008/09 season with as few unpaid bills as possible. This is NOT a tax-deductible donation, but will help a promising young rider.

Please make a payment with the words “Cross Funds” in the memo by going to and using the following dedicated email address for the recipient: therichardsachs at gmail dot com

Clicking the linked obfuscated email address above will accomplish the same thing. Richard will take all of the donated funds and send them directly to Will.

Many thanks for reading.