Solitude Day #4

I took my Garmin Edge 305 up to Solitude with me today, just to see where all I skied on a topo map, as well as to keep track of how far I actually skied.

Now, signal quality was poor, because I had the GPS in a sleeve pocket, instead of out in the open, but it should still give a pretty good idea of what I did.

According to, I did about 9750 feet of vertical ascent (just about all on a lift, of course), covering 6.3 miles. According to the lfit data from Solitude, I had about 10,145 feet of vertical ascent.

On descents and flat, I did about 9.9 miles … I always wondered how long runs were; and how much a given day of skiing would have. Today was actually a short day as well, since I’ve been battling a cold for the past several days … but it was so beautiful, I just had to get outside; despite the cold.

Two runs through Honeycomb Canyon, and I actually managed to make some turns in powder. And I felt like I had more control on the groomers as well … only a minor problem with my right boot pain-wise; two runs, then take of the boot, put it back on, and no more problems! I guess they’re finally starting to break in; although I still think I may need to get a minor shell stretch around the pinky toe area.

01/10/2009 10:49 Eagle Express I 1,500
01/10/2009 11:00 Powderhorn 1,600
01/10/2009 11:51 Sunrise 810
01/10/2009 12:00 Summit 1,235
01/10/2009 12:35 Honeycomb 860
01/10/2009 13:04 Sunrise 810
01/10/2009 13:13 Summit 1,235
01/10/2009 13:32 Summit 1,235
01/10/2009 13:58 Honeycomb 860
Total Vertical: 10,145

Solitude ski runs, 1/10/2008 ... of course, there was snow, unlike in the image.
Solitude ski runs, 1/10/2008