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Sad realizations

As I was driving home tonight, the alpenglow over the Wasatch was incredible, especially between Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons on … and then I came to the very sad realization that after 7 years of living along the Wasatch Front, I still don’t know the names of most of the mountains … and half the ones I do know the names of, I’m not exactly sure which mountain goes with which name.

Mount Olympus is the only one I’m 100% comfortable with. I’m pretty sure that Twin Peaks is the big mountain with the giant cirque/bowl at the top between Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons … and that it was Twin Peaks Cirque that was capturing the light so incredibly well, with Storm Mountain just north of that, and Lone Peak being the mountain just to the south of Little Cottonwood.

I feel relatively confident that the Sol-Bright Trail at Solitude wraps around Mt. Evergreen, an I think that what most of us call South Mountain, down at the Point leading into Utah Valley is really named Steep Mountain (part of the Traverse Mountains).

Beyond that, though, I think I’m pretty clueless. And that’s just sad. Since I’ve chosen to make this area my home, specifically because of the mountains, it seems like it would make sense for me to learn their names at the very least, and learn the mountains better up close at best.

So I’m going to have some exploring to do over the next months and years …

4 Comments on "Sad realizations"

  1. Google Earth labels most of the mountains at the right zoom level, if you have the layer selected.

  2. FWIW, “hiking the wasatch” has in it several nice line drawing panoramas from key view points that have labels of what mountians are what that makes identifing them MUCH easier…




  3. I call em mountains, you know, that one over there and that other one behind, it works.

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