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Oh, the irony …

Does anyone else find it ironic that USA Cycling charges people $35.00 for the “privilege” of sitting on a start or finish line and listening to people complain, for pay that is barely above minimum wage, and forces them to wear a uniform at the same time?

No wonder most of the local associations are constantly trying to get more people to get officials licenses … it can be a shitty job.

One of the things I’ve really enjoyed about officiating the Utah Cyclocross Series over the past few years is that for the most part, riders are just out to have a good time … sure, there is some competition, but it’s mostly just about having some fun after the road and/or MTB seasons have ended, and ski season gets into full swing.

For the second year in a row, I’m getting my officials license to work some of the the local road races … I’m planning on primarily focusing on the hill climbs, which if my experience in 2008 holds, will be fairly easy to judge, especially now that the UCA is going to a chip-timing system.

I refuse to wear the uniform, though …

6 Comments on "Oh, the irony …"

  1. I’m not sure I understand. How do they both charge them, and pay them?

    • You get charged to get a license to work races … annual fee of $35.00. You get paid when you work races, $50 for an assistant judge, plus mileage … the days can be really long, so when you break it down to an hourly rate, it’s pretty minimal.

  2. Spend the money to race then and earn no fee for the day.

    • But then I’d have to buy a racing license as well, which is even more expensive than the officials license …

      Of course, I’ve carried (and keep renewing) a racing license for years without using it … my last sanctioned race was in 1997, I think … and the only race I ever got a decent result in was the 1996 Mt. Tam Hillclimb, which I finished in under an hour, and was not the last rider in my category.

  3. That’s horsecrap…I don’t have a racing license.

    • You don’t race on the road (which is where I would), and the ICUP / Solitude / UTCX series are not sanctioned. All the UCA road races are sanctioned by USA Cycling.

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