Resolution Recap (and a new list)

What a year, and while part of me is glad that it’s over, another part of me is thrilled by what I accomplished and is really looking forward to continuing to grow in 2010. How did you do on your resolutions for 2009? If you will recall from last year’s post, my resolutions were as […]

Word Play

Poetry Friday (Christmas Edition)

THE MAHOGANY TREE Christmas is here; Winds whistle shrill, Icy and chill, Little care we; Little we fear Weather without, Shelter’d about The Mahogany Tree. Once on the boughs Birds of rare plume Sang, in its bloom; Night birds are we; Here we carouse, Singing, like them, Perch’d round the stem Of the jolly old […]


Video Poetry (Galway Edition)

THE POGUES (feat. Kirsty MacColl) – FAIRYTALE OF NEW YORK It was Christmas Eve babe In the drunk tank An old man said to me, won’t see another one And then he sang a song The Rare Old Mountain Dew I turned my face away And dreamed about you Got on a lucky one Came […]

Cycling Word Play

A (Cyclist’s) Christmas Story (repost)

Copyright © 1999, by Kent Peterson. Republished without permission, but it’s too good a story not to share. It’s been years now, but I’ll never forget that Christmas… The days had grown short, the snow had begun to fall and my friends and I were all gathered around old man Petersen’s bike shop in the […]


2009 Ride #54

View Ascent activity on 24-Dec-09 at 12:50PM in a larger map That hurt. I think it was the 18% gradient on Golden Eagle and similar 10% plus grades on Sunset Ridge. Five days in a row on the bike. For me that’s a lot, even though I only averaged about 18.5 miles each day … […]


2009 Ride #53

View Ascent activity on 23-Dec-09 at 01:47PM in a larger map Tried a new route today. According to the maps, the main road within McDowell Mountain Regional Park goes all the way through and connects with Rio Verde, so the plan was to do that and then come back along the main road between Rio […]