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The old cliché is that “home is where the heart is”, and if that’s true, then home is one of three places … as always, home will be Chattanooga, Tennessee, where I spent my formative years, and where much of the extended family that I really consider to be FAMILY reside.

Home will always be San Francisco (in particular) and the Bay Area in general … after 5 years in Santa Cruz and 12 years in The City, I will never be able to get that part of the country out of my blood.

Increasingly, however, home has become Salt Lake City … the best part of my career thus far has been here, and the mountains are where I long to be.

These days when I think about the 801, I no longer associate the region with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints first and foremost; I think of the mountains and the canyons. I think of the snow, and the beautiful mountain air. I think of the Utah Cyclocross Series which has become so integral to my autumn social life, and which I enjoy helping to make the success that it has become over the past few years.

I’m sitting in Sky Harbor International in Phoenix as I type this, waiting for my currently-delayed flight, and all I can think about is going home, back to the 801 … back to my condo, to my friends, to my home.

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  1. home is where the heart is……many like you here!

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