Following the rules as a way of protest

Democracy Now! | Posing as a Bidder, Utah Student Disrupts Government Auction of 150,000 Acres of Wilderness for Oil & Gas Drilling

In a national broadcast exclusive, University of Utah student Tim DeChristopher explains how he “bought” 22,000 acres of land in an attempt to save the property from drilling. The sale had been strongly opposed by many environmental groups. Stephen Bloch of the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance said, “This is the fire sale, the Bush administration’s last great gift to the oil and gas industry.”

As an act of protest, I don’t think you can have more of an impact than Mr. DeChristopher has done this past week, and without a single violent action. Sometimes working within the system has the greatest impact by showing that the system is broken.

Now, some environmental group needs to step-up and pay for the leases on the parcels that Mr. DeChristopher “bought” … for if the parcels are paid for, then no “crime” has been committed.