Solitude before the Arid-Zone

Heading off to the Arid-Zone tomorrow, so I’m just finishing up my packing …

Good day today … slept in after Mama T’s holiday shindig in Heber yesterday, after sleeping away a good chunk of the day Saturday recovering from the Holidayna Maritini event in the Sugarhood.

Headed up to Solitude this morning about 10:30, and pulled into the lot shortly after 11:00; I saw on Facebook this morning that Sly and This One Girl were gonna be up as well, so I met up with the two of them, and we tooled all over the resort.

I did have to take a foot break for a little while after the first 2-3 runs; my right boot is still giving me some problems, so when I get back from Fountain Hills, I think I’ll need to make a run back to the Sport Loft to have Earl and/or Jeremy stretch out my right boot a bit like they did with the left. Here it is, several hours later, and my right pinkie toe is still a little tingly.

Even though Solitude’s website indicated that Honeycomb Canyon would be open today, the main gate at the top of the Summit lift was closed due to avalanche danger … perhaps some of the gates in the trees along the top of Eagle Ridge were open, and I seem to recall that the Honeycomb lift was running, but we couldn’t get in from the top.

Skied until a little after 3:00 pm, when my legs decided they were worked enough, and the light became so flat I couldn’t any variation in the snow at all to give me a hint about what was coming up next.

The flight tomorrow is going to be interesting, as stiff as I think I’m going to be. My flight is at noon, so I should hit the airport about 10:15-10:30 … so off to bed.

Date/Time Lift Vertical Gain
12/21/2008 11:26 Moonbeam 675
12/21/2008 11:34 Eagle Express I 1,500
12/21/2008 11:48 Eagle Express II 1,500
12/21/2008 12:32 Moonbeam 675
12/21/2008 12:44 Moonbeam 675
12/21/2008 12:51 Sunrise 810
12/21/2008 13:02 Summit 1,235
12/21/2008 13:24 Apex 880
12/21/2008 14:06 Moonbeam 675
12/21/2008 14:13 Sunrise 810
12/21/2008 14:22 Summit 1,235
12/21/2008 14:46 Apex 880
12/21/2008 14:54 Moonbeam 675
12/21/2008 15:02 Sunrise 810
12/21/2008 15:12 Summit 1,235
Total Vertical Gain 14,270