Much to our surprise, today was Communication Day at work.

Management buttered us all up by bringing in a good lunch from outside, before telling all of us that we are getting no raises, and no bonuses this year.

Even though my division is pretty much the only one in the company that actually made money, we are the ones are going to suffer the most in the current miserable economy. I expected that the raises would go away, although I hoped that firm would trickle down the division’s profits to those of us who helped keep it profitable by becoming more efficient and more effective.

I did not expect that our annual raises would be eliminated as well … I thought they would be drastically reduced, but expected we would still get a small COLA increase. But it was not to be.

Oh sure, yes, I’m glad I still have a job … and overall, I think the economy is going to get worse before it gets better, but I think that my firm has weathered the worst of our own tempest. And yes, our senior executives are foregoing their bonuses as well … but considering how much money they already have, it’s not going to make a huge difference to them.

But I could sure use the money. I’m even thinking about canceling all of my ongoing charitable contributions. But most of the the organizations I support are small; many are local, and are probably already losing funding …

So the dilemma is … do I join the rushing tide? Or do I bite the financial bullet and try to find other ways to reduce my expenditures so I can continue to support good causes?