2008 Utah Cyclocross Series Race #11
(Double Points Race)

December 6th, 2008
Andy Ballard Equestrian Center (Corner Canyon)
1600 E Highland Drive (13675 South)
Draper, Utah

Can you believe it’s the last race of the series already, and we’re coming full circle, returning to the Andy Ballard Equestrian Center in Draper (site of race #1 of the series) for the last race.

The conditions ought to be much nicer (which will really irk the A-Train) than the first race of the season; clear, sunny, and cold, with highs in the upper 40s.

For my sake, I hope Matt makes the lap longer than it was in the first race; since with nice conditions, the lap times should be short and quick; which means lots and lots and lots of laps for you kids who are actually racing, while I sit in my nice (well, as nice as a 13-year old POS can be), warm Trooper on the finish line with my clipboard.

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1:30 PM (60 Minutes)

  • Men A (Pro, Semi-pro, Expert, Cat 1, Cat 2,)
  • Masters Men A 35+ (Fast Old Guys [as opposed to Fat Old Guys, like Flahute]. You know who you are, and so do we. You have been racing your bike for years!)

12:30 PM (45 Minutes)

  • Women A
  • Masters Men B 35+
  • Single Speed (do we need to explain?)

11:45 AM (20 minutes) – ONLY $8.00!!!

  • Women C (First Season Cross Racers)
  • Junior Men 10-14 *
  • Junior Women 10-14 *
  • Junior 9 & under

* We found that Junior riders aged 15-18 would rather try and beat up on Mom and Dad!!!

10:45 AM (45 Minutes)

  • Men B
  • Master Men 45+ Open

9:30 AM (40 Minutes)

  • Men C (First Timers, Entry Level Racers, Cat 5, Beginner)
  • Master 55+ Open
  • Women B (Beginner, Cat 4, Cat 5)