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Panic on the Street

I knew it! Anatomy of the Morgan Stanley Panic – Two days after Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. sought bankruptcy protection, an explosive rumor spread that another big Wall Street firm, Morgan Stanley, was on the brink of failure. The chatter on trading desks that Sept. 17 was that Deutsche Bank AG had yanked a […]

Word Play

Test Post

This is a test of the emergency iPhone WordPress blog posting system. Had this been an actual post, there would be more words, and this would have taken less time to type.


I am IronFan

Congratulations to Marit Fischer for finishing IronMan Arizona in a total time of 12:41:25, in 33rd of 105 in her age group, after battling Achilles tendonitis for the past few weeks. Awesome! Splits below: SWIM BIKE RUN OVERALL RANK DIV.POS. 1:26:29 6:12:18 4:48:16 12:41:25 1123 of 2189 33 of 105 Source: