Not really, because I can’t remember who won most of the races, but I would be seriously remiss if I didn’t immediately give major props to Eric Rasmussen for winning the state championship in the singlespeed category (in his first SS appearance this season), and then immediately turning in an amazing second place finish behind Idaho’s Sam Krieg in the men’s “A” race to take a second state championship on the day.

That’s pretty freakin’ impressive. Good job, Rico. With Bart Gillespie racing in North Carolina this weekend, the state championship for the Men’s “A” group was wide open, and Rico proved he was strongest on the day. I think this is worthy of sainthood in The Church of the Big Ring.

Props to everyone that turned out for a beautiful day in Ogden to race; especially to Reed Wycoff who kept it going after two hard crashes (one with Connor O’Leary on the pavement, the second over the barriers).

And major bummer to Ali Goulet, who broke his frame … I’m humming Taps right now; because I hate to see any bike die.

Props also to Art O’Connor and Matt Ohran for turning in a fine MonaVie 1-2 finish in the Men’s 35+ “A” field.

Darren Cottle took the men’s 45+ open race, while simultaneously his son Tanner was battling it out with Tyler Fought for the Men’s “B” championship, just missing out on the Cottle double-play by finishing second.

I love seeing how many women are coming out to race this year as well. Trish Glenn, who won the Women’s “C” race, Meaghan Cunningham takes the “B” race. The winner of the women’s “A” race is from Idaho, so I’m not sure if second-placed rider #98 (whose name I don’t have), or third-placed Chantal Thackeray takes the state championship.

Perennial fighter Jennie Wade put in a strong start to the Women’s “A” race as well until an ill-timed mechanical took her out of the running.

Missing in action were Marit Fischer, who is currently racing Ironman Arizona; Dayna Deuter, who is nursing a hamstring injury, and Theresa Carr, who is battling the phlegm gremlins. We missed all of you yesterday.