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Fingers crossed

The drive to defeat Prop 8 isn’t completely dead yet … seems the proponents of Prop 8 didn’t get legislative approval for a Constitutional revision before placing the prop on the ballot; so it’s possible that Prop 8 constitutes an unlawful amendment. Keeping my fingers crossed. Same-sex marriage ban wins; opponents sue to block measure […]


Video Poetry (Beautiful Edition)

EELS – MR. E’S BEAUTIFUL BLUES The smokestack is spitting black soot into the sooty sky The load on the road brings a tear to the Indian’s eye The Elephant won’t forget what it’s like inside his cage The Ringmaster’s Telecaster sings on an empty stage uh huh God damn right it’s a beautiful day […]

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This is the John McCain that I once respected, and for whom in years past, I would have considered voting … well , except for the Sarah Palin comments in the middle of the speech. If this had been the John McCain that had been campaigning for the past several months, I feel the election […]

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I’m not sure what I’m more excited about. Barack Obama’s landslide victory tonight? Or the dinner I had with an old friend from high school. The first was history in the making; the latter is history … but both were extremely pleasant.