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Two-ply (or double-wrap)

Man, am I tired … and I didn’t even race this weekend!

The double weekend started on Saturday at Rocky Mountain Raceway, and Marek Shon (of Cyclesmith) designed an incredibly difficult course including sections of the motocross course. Steep run up (dubbed The Pride Killer) leading into a hairpin descent under a bridge into a section of whoops (dubbed Biff Hill), before heading out into a long gravel section in the parking lot.

As is typical of the courses at RMR, riders either loved it, or hated it … but I think most loved it; especially since it wasn’t the typical roadie course that RMR has been known for in the past.

Sunday was a long Tour de Wheeler Farm … cold and damp, but not raining, for the first two races; perfect riding conditions, although as is typical of Wheeler races, there were many flat tires. Big props to Mama T for finishing on the same lap as the winner for the first time since she started racing CX last year. She’s getting stronger and faster, and I predict that she’ll be dicing it up with the leaders next season.

The rain started coming down hard after the juniors race, and the passenger window of the Trooper slipped the track, and dropped DEEP inside the door.

The longer laps helped with officiating … I think we only missed one rider yesterday (since corrected), and I don’t think we missed anyone today. I felt good about the results I turned in. The only confusion now may come because some numbers are being recycled after racers are upgrading. Apparently, we had a rider finish in 20th place yesterday … while he was in Denver. Whoops!

Tore down the course; raked out the worst of the ruts on the sweeper downhill leading towards the pits, and headed to Hoppers for late lunch and a beer.

Now home, stiff, sore, and tired … time to head off to bed to get started on this next week.


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  1. Thanks again, dude. It is a really long day for you guys, especially in tough conditions. Thanks for waiting for me.


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