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November 2008

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Black Friday thoughts

Yeah, I know this isn’t news at this point, but there is a reason why I try to avoid going anywhere near a store on the weekend after Thanksgiving and the day after Christmas. It’s…

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2008 Utah Cyclocross Series Race #10

2008 Utah Cyclocross Series Race #10 November 29th, 2008 Wheeler Farm Murray, Utah View Larger Map Back to Wheeler Farm this morning … and I can’t believe it’s the second-last race of the season. The…

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Poetry Friday

A DRUNKARD I’ve never been an individual entity Sixty trillion cells! I’m a living collectivity. I’m staggering zig-zag along, sixty trillion cells, all drunk!   — Ko Un (b. 1933), Korean poet and former Buddhist monk.

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Time once again for early morning musings on all that I am thankful for over the past year; which given the current state of the economy and world politics might be a difficult task: My…

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Saeco, please?

I hate my espresso machine. For the past year-plus, I’ve been using a Krups XP4030 pump espresso machine, which is perfectly fine for occasional use (like Sunday morning lattes to be sipped whilst reading the…

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Staycation days

Anybody who knows me well knows that I’m not much of a vacations kind of guy; which means that doing things like scheduling vacation a year in advance (which for some reason, the management of…