Race #4 wrap up

First of all, let me say that I am extremely disappointed that no one took us up on our “no dress code” offer. Bobby was supposed to wear a dress; but no … still in his normal Revolution blues!

The longer lap that we had today definitely seemed to help; there may still be a mistake or two in the results sheets for the first two flites, but I feel a lot more confident about this week’s race than previous weeks.

Now, other things to keep in mind.

It is the responsibility of a rider in front to not intentionally impede the forward progress of another rider in another class/category. It is the responsibility of a rider behind to pass another rider in a safe manner. ‘Nuff said.

Double weekend next week … Saturday at RMR, Sunday at Wheeler. Thankfully daylight savings time ends on Saturday night about 2:00 am, which means an extra hour of sleep on Sunday before the race.