Undecided?Having a migraine is something I would never wish upon any other person … but when you get them as often as I do, you know that often the only thing that can be done is to write-off the day, pop a couple Maxalt or Relpax, crawl into bed and sleep.

After taking off from work early, that’s exactly what I did, and a good thing too, since as previously mentioned I had tickets to see David Sedaris tonight at Abravavel Hall. Got home about 11:00 am, slept until about 5:00 pm and was good to go.

I was joined at the show by Marit, Matt, and yoga instructor Scott. Sedaris was brilliantly funny, as expected.

One of the pieces he read tonight, about undecided voters, is in the current issue of the New Yorker. Go read it. Now imagine it being read aloud by bitchy middle-aged gay man.

Try not to laugh.