After the perfect cyclocross weather we had the past two weeks, today we simply had perfect weather. Sunny, clear, upper 60s (or low 70s), and yet another near-record turnout.

Everyone seemed to love the course, but it was definitely a roadie’s course … fast grass and hard pack most everywhere; even though the lap was fairly long distance-wise, because the conditions were so fast, scoring the first two races was a challenge yet again.

We either need longer or more technical courses (or both), just to string things out a bit more coming through the finishing stretch. The last thing that any of us wants to do is start pulling lapped riders, like they do at a lot of the big national races, or only place the top 10-20 riders and give everyone else the same placing of “finished”.

So how do they do it at larger races, you may ask? Well, aside from pulling lapped riders, they also have cameras that everyone is comfortable with (and which are more useful when there aren’t lapped riders still on course), and 5-6 officials on stage scoring; whereas we just have me, and whomever I can coerce into sitting with me when they’re not racing.

Next week is back to Ogden, to Fort Buenaventura, and rumor has it that we’ll be able to use the bridge and areas north of the parking lot (as those who have been racing the series for awhile may remember) … this will definitely help lengthen the laps there.

Growing pains, and a changing of the guard in officiating (meaning, me stepping up from assistant to chief, while Ellie is now semi-retired).

So if anyone in the 9:30 or 10:45 races is out there reading this, and getting frustrated by some of the errors in the results; please accept my apologies, and rest assured that we are doing everything we can to get them better under control, because we want accurate results as much as you guys do.