2008 Utah Cyclocross Series Race #3

October 18th, 2008
Golden Spike Arena
Weber County Fairgrounds
1000 North 1200 West
Ogden, Utah

For race #3, the Utah Cyclocross Series will be heading to another brand-new venue for the Series.

Matt says that the venue will have a lot of interesting challenges, in and out of the arena the surrounding grounds. Jon promises twisty turns leading into the finish area to help spread things out a bit more … personally, I’m hoping for longer lap times than the last two races, which will also help in scoring.

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1:30 PM (60 Minutes)

  • Men A (Pro, Semi-pro, Expert, Cat 1, Cat 2,)
  • Masters Men A 35+ (Fast Old Guys [as opposed to Fat Old Guys, like Flahute]. You know who you are, and so do we. You have been racing your bike for years!)

12:30 PM (45 Minutes)

  • Women A
  • Masters Men B 35+
  • Single Speed (do we need to explain?)

11:45 AM (20 minutes) – ONLY $8.00!!!

  • Women C (First Season Cross Racers)
  • Junior Men 10-14 *
  • Junior Women 10-14 *
  • Junior 9 & under

* We found that Junior riders aged 15-18 would rather try and beat up on Mom and Dad!!!

10:45 AM (45 Minutes)

  • Men B
  • Master Men 45+ Open

9:30 AM (40 Minutes)

  • Men C (First Timers, Entry Level Racers, Cat 5, Beginner)
  • Master 55+ Open
  • Women B (Beginner, Cat 4, Cat 5)