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Two down …

Drove up to Heber early yesterday for race #2 in the Utah Cyclocross Series. The forecast had called for overnight snow, but when I woke up yesterday morning the ground was still dry … where’s our snow???

Going over Parley’s Summit, it started snowing fairly hard, and I had high hopes for the rest of the day, but it wasn’t to be … it was snowing for the first race, but not terribly hard, and actually started clearing up later.

The new schedule seems to be working for people; there was only one issue of someone warming up on the course during another race, and that was only because the rider involved was wearing headphones and didn’t hear the announcement that the course was closed.

Terrific battle between Chris Pietrzak and Ali Goulet in the Men’s A race until the last lap, when Chris pulled away. Bryce Young, who dominated the singlespeed race earlier in the day, rode to a strong 7th place (IIRC) finish, still on the same bike.

In the women’s A race, Dayna Deuter pulled away from Kris Walker and Tiffany Pezzulo for a brilliant solo victory, while Jennie “the Firecracker” Wade threw down an explosive sprint to take 4th place against Chantel Thackery.

Field sizes in the first race of the day are still making getting accurate results on the first go around challenging. We need longer and more technical courses, to string the field out a bit more …

After tearing down the course, I headed over to Mama T‘s for some homemade chicken soup, yummy pastries and cakes and cornbread, fabulous wine, and good laughs.

Then back through blinding (but not sticking to the road) snow conditions over Parley’s Summit on the way home … I managed to stay awake for a couple of hours after I got home before crashing for 10-hours of blissful sleep, interrupted only by the 5:00 am alarm that I forgot to turn off last night … and awoke this morning to the blanketing of snow that we were supposed to have yesterday.

Winter is coming; we will have more opportunities for races in true CX conditions.