Race #1 is in the bag …

… and we learned a few things.

  1. Cyclocross is becoming more and more popular in Utah. Despite the nasty weather today, we had our biggest ever field, with about 280 riders.

  2. We need to allow a little more time between races to allow for better warm-ups.

  3. We need to be nicer Rules Nazis, and not mean ones; which of course takes all the fun out of being a Rules Nazi. So now I have to come up with a joke before I yell at riders not to warm up on the course during earlier races.

  4. People need to stop standing in front of the Trooper on the finish line. It makes it extremely difficult for us to see riders far enough back to get numbers, especially when they are coming through in a pack. Yes, we have a camera this year, but we’re still trying to figure out how best to use it for ‘cross … this means that in the short term, we are still using the old method as the official method.

So, by following through on #2, hopefully there will be less reason for #3 …

With that said, there will be a schedule change in start times beginning at next week’s race at the Wasatch Country Fairgrounds in Heber.

The new start times are as follows:


1:30 PM (60 Minutes)

  • Men A (Pro, Semi-pro, Expert, Cat 1, Cat 2,)
  • Masters Men A 35+ (Fast Old Guys [as opposed to Fat Old Guys, like Flahute]. You know who you are, and so do we. You have been racing your bike for years!)

12:30 PM (45 Minutes)

  • Women A
  • Masters Men B 35+
  • Single Speed (do we need to explain?)

11:45 AM (20 minutes) – ONLY $8.00!!!

  • Women C (First Season Cross Racers)
  • Junior Men 10-14 *
  • Junior Women 10-14 *
  • Junior 9 & under

* We found that Junior riders aged 15-18 would rather try and beat up on Mom and Dad!!!

10:45 AM (45 Minutes)

  • Men B
  • Master Men 45+ Open

9:30 AM (40 Minutes)

  • Men C (First Timers, Entry Level Racers, Cat 5, Beginner)
  • Master 55+ Open
  • Women B (Beginner, Cat 4, Cat 5)

I’m sure there will be a few more takeaways, of which we will keep you apprised as the week goes on.

Finally, major props to Marit Fischer for deciding to race in the B and/or C mens flites. As I’m sure many of you are aware, Marit is training for the Ford Ironman Arizona, taking place on November 23rd, in Tempe.

Because of her training schedule, racing in the A flite, as she did for much of last season, is not going to work for her; so she was going to downgrade to the women’s B flite. After some thought, Marit decided that racing in the men’s races would give her the intensity (and fun “break” from training) she needs, but without being unfair to other women racing B’s.

I did not see Marit without a smile on her face today, she was having so much fun in the rain.

And so, Marit, as far as I’m concerned as the chief official, if the 9:30 race works better for you timing wise, especially at some of the more distant races (like Ogden and Heber), then it’s fine by me if you race with the men’s C flite, instead of with the men’s B flite as you did today. We all want to see you do well at Ironman, and would hate to lose you for the season because the start times are too difficult for you to work around.

We’re off to a great start … see you next week.

5 replies on “Race #1 is in the bag …”

  1. Thank you, Steven. That’s super cool and I appreciate your words.

    I’ll be out there for as many races as I can this season, doing my best to hold my own among all the men. Maybe Contender will even hook me up with a jersey that says “I’m really a boy” on the back. Of course, then I’d have to wear a skirt.

    I don’t care where I race. I just want to be out there. I also don’t mind being the last to finish among a throng of super talented, super strong men (or women for that matter). Competition is all about racing your own race – about setting personal goals and working hard to achieve those goals. As far as I’m concerned, busting my ass to not get lapped or to not finish last while racing with the Men’s B or Masters 45+ is just as worthy a season-long goal as busting my ass to try to finish as strong as possible in the exceptional field of powerful, talented, skilled and competitive Women’s A riders who race UCX. Either way, it’d be a challenge. Either way, I’d be working to make myself better. Either way, I’d be having the time of my life.

    So, to all the new girls, no matter which flite you’re in, welcome to the delicious pain of cross racing. To all the girls, new and returning, I’m cheering for you and I look forward to racing with you next year. And to the B and C boys: thanks for letting me ride with you.

    We all do this because we love it, so please, whatever you do, don’t not have fun. And for the love of all things grueling, muddy and sweaty…keep smiling.

  2. Off topic but important related to the presidential campaign. I know you support Obama so want to make sure your site, which gets a lot more traffic then I could ever dream of, has access.

    Essentially this is a recap of McCain’s history with the Savings and Loan crisis of the 80’s and how it is very similar to his stance and action with the current economic crisis. Hope a few people see this and consider it when voting.


  3. Steve,

    It’s awesome to be associated with such a professional crew. You guys really work hard, and by the looks of it your customer service skills are even better. Way to support Marit and all the riders. If the Gardster and I can help by announcing anything (aka) results will be posted somewhere… please do not congregate infront of the trooper etc. Let us know, our job should be to make your job easier, and who could get made at Gardie? Seriously let us know, glad to do it.

    Great job Steve, Marit, Mother T and the rest of the gang!

  4. here is an idea, tape off a area in front of the trooper that will assure no view obstruction. Then give B-Horn a bat.

    Thanks for making me suffer on another saturday.

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