Gear up! Break out the Belgian Knee Warmers! Smell the glue! Right now the weather report is calling for an 80% chance of rain and showers, with highs temperatures in the low 60s. In other words, perfect ‘cross conditions for the first race of the season.

2008 Utah Cyclocross Series Race #1

October 4th, 2008
Corner Canyon Equestrian Center
1266 East 13400 South
Draper, Utah

Those of you who have been racing cyclocross in Utah for awhile may remember this course, but it has changed quite a bit. The entire course will now be on the Equestrian Center side of the road. This will definitely be a fun course.

On Friday, October 3rd, from 4 to 7 pm there will be a Thorn Removal, Registration, and Number pick-up gathering at the Equestrian Center.

Pre-registration price applies: $22 for race and $10 one-time Season Number Fee (unless you lose, misplace, or forget your number, in which case we’ll charge you again). We do have duplicate numbers available for some of you who take your ‘cross racing more seriously and have 2 bikes.

We have NEW numbers made by World Cup Supply, which look great and should make scoring easier.

Bring a shovel or rake and come pick your number up Friday so you don’t have to stand in line on Saturday morning! The thorn situation is the best we have seen it, with just a couple spots that need a little help to be cleared.

** As always some kind of tire sealant is recommended for all Utah Cyclocross Series Races. We live in Utah and Goatheads are plentiful!!!!!


1 PM (60 Minutes)

  • A (Pro, Semi-pro, Expert, Cat 1, Cat 2,)
  • Masters A 35+ (Fast Old Guys [as opposed to Fat Old Guys, like Flahute]. You know who you are, and so do we. You have been racing your bike for years!)

12 Noon (45 Minutes)

  • Women A
  • Masters B 35+
  • Single Speed (do we need to explain?)

11:30 AM (20 minutes) – ONLY $8.00!!!

  • Women C (First Season Cross Racers)
  • Junior Men 10-14 *
  • Junior Women 10-14 *
  • Junior 9 & under

* We found that Junior riders aged 15-18 would rather try and beat up on Mom and Dad!!!

10:30 AM (45 Minutes)

  • Men B
  • Master Men 45+ B

9:30 AM (40 Minutes)

  • C (First Timers, Entry Level Racers, Cat 5, Beginner)
  • Master 55+
  • Women B ( Beginner, Cat 4, Cat 5)