This nation’s economy is fucked … Republicans created this mess, Republicans came up with a solution to this mess, and yet Republicans are refusing to fix this mess, even though almost every thing the members of the House that revolted asked for was included in the bill being presented and voted.

What are they thinking?

Every single representative that voted against this bill, on BOTH sides of the aisle, needs to be thrown out of office in 5 weeks time.

Bailout plan rejected – Sep. 29, 2008

NEW YORK ( — The fate of the Bush administration’s $700 billion financial bailout plan was abruptly thrown in doubt Monday as a House vote turned against the controversial measure.

The next steps were not immediately clear but supporters were scrambling to put it up for another vote.

What was supposed to be a 15-minute vote stretched past the half-hour mark as leadership scrambled for support.

Investors who had been counting on the rescue plan sent the Dow Jones industrial average down as much as 700 points while watching the measure come up short of the necessary support, before rebounding slightly. The key stock reading was down more than 500 points.

The measure needs 218 votes for passage, but it came up 13 votes short of that target, as the final vote was 228 to 205 against. About 60% of Democrats voted for the measure, but less than a third of Republicans backed it.

President Bush is “very disappointed” by the House vote, his spokesman Tony Fratto said.

And now the finger-pointing begins.

Lawmakers quickly point fingers after bailout fails –

The Republican House leadership blamed Speaker Nancy Pelosi for giving a partisan speech before the voting that alienated House Republicans.

While thanking Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson for negotiating on the bill, Pelosi said that the Democrats had insisted that the bill “protect the American people and Main Street from the meltdown on Wall Street.”

“Pelosi’s hyperpartisan floor speech infuriated a lot of our members and it has torpedoed this bill,” one Republican aide said.

But Democrats dismissed the Republican complaints, saying the Republican leadership failed to convince their members to support the bill.

“We delivered our votes. They did not deliver theirs,” one Democratic aide said.

Before the vote, many House Republicans expressed opposition to the bill, saying it departed from free market principles. Republican congressional aides also said calls from constituents were running 10 to 1 against the legislation.

Wah wah wah … because some Republicans feelings were hurt, they’ve decided to punish the American citizen by not acting; by blocking a necessary relief package to stimulate the economy.

Listen, you idiot Republican representatives. This is NO time to listen to constituents, 90% of whom do not understand the consequences that not passing such legislation will have … sometimes, you have to put both party and polls aside and do what’s right for the nation. This plan, as unpopular as it is, is still absolutely necessary to protect the American (and global economy).

And this is really no time to bitch and whine and cry and moan because Nancy Pelosi said something that hurts your feelings.

By voting against this bill, you have jeopardized the national security of the United States.