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28 September 2008

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Text of EESA 2008

Finally, the text of the proposed Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 (Adobe PDF) has been released. Summary as follows: The $700 billion would be disbursed in stages, with $250 billion made available immediately for…

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I can see Russia from my house!

Sarah Palin’s Foreign Policy credentials, based on Alaska’s proximity to Russia and Canada: Watch CBS Videos Online Yeah, yeah … it’s an old joke at this point. But the interview with Katie Couric is still…

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Summary of the Draft Proposal –

This sounds promising. Summary of the Draft Proposal To Rescue U.S. Financial Markets – IMPROVING THE FINANCIAL RESCUE LEGISLATION Significant bipartisan work has built consensus around dramatic improvements to the original Bush-Paulson plan to…

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Hopefully, when I wake up, there’ll be a published draft that those of us who are interested can read. Congressional leaders reach tentative deal on bailout – WASHINGTON (AP) — Congressional leaders and the…