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Bush’s speech

I need a transcript!!!

I did agree with this statement: “I understand the frustration of responsible Americans who pay their mortgage on time, file their tax returns every April 15th and are reluctant to pay the excess costs on Wall Street,” he said. But, he added, “given the situation we’re facing, not passing a bill now would cost these Americans much more later.”

Yeah, yeah, yeah … Steven agreed with George Bush on something. Amazing, huh?

Update: 9/25/2008Transcript available at


One thought on “Bush’s speech

  1. There is no choice…

    Did I say, what they need to do is get Cheney out speaking against it.

    but about every 40 years we make a tragic mistake… and we end up “bailing water” for 10 years.

    we are already bailing… question is …. will it get worse.

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