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We’re on a “Road to Nowhere”

In yet another example that Sarah Palin is not the anti-earmark, anti-pork barrel spending reformist she claims to be, the Governor of Alaska allows a completely useless road to be built, just because the contract was already signed, an excuse that really doesn’t hold water. Contracts almost always have some sort of cancellation clause built in … sure, as governor, she may have had to pay the contractors to do nothing, but it wouldn’t have been the $26-million that the road cost. It would have saved the American taxpayers money to cancel the project.

The bridge failed, but the ‘Road to Nowhere’ was built –

KETCHIKAN, Alaska (CNN) — The “Bridge to Nowhere” may have been shelved. But the “Road to Nowhere” is alive and well.

The proposed $400 million span that would have connected the coastal city of Ketchikan to its airport on Gravina Island died after it became a symbol of congressional excess.

But the three-mile access road that was built on the island is ready for residents to take a drive to nowhere. It was paid for by some of the $223 million in federal funding that sparked ridicule among opponents of congressional “pork-barrel” spending.

In stump speeches, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has touted her eventual decision to abandon the Gravina Island bridge, which she initially supported. But Palin, now the Republican vice presidential candidate, let the access road go ahead because the contract to build it had been signed, a campaign aide said.

Ketchikan Mayor Bob Weinstein calls the road, which was paid for by federal tax dollars, a waste of money that could have been used to fix his city’s roads and sidewalks.

“Gov. Palin could have stopped construction of this road,” said Weinstein, who wore his “Nowhere, Alaska” T-shirt to an interview with CNN.

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