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Short selling revisions

In a decision that ought to make the A-train happy … or at least happier: SEC Quickly Revises Short-Selling Rules – Shift on Financials, Hedge Funds Sends Traders Scrambling WASHINGTON — The Securities and Exchange Commission said shortly after midnight Monday that it would revise rules to curb short selling that it had issued […]

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Section 8 of the Paulson Plan revised

Sec 8. Minimization of Long-Term Costs and Maximization of Benefits for Taxpayers. (a) Long-Term Costs and Benefits.–The Secretary shall use the authority under this Act in a manner that will minimize any potential long-term negative impact on the taxpayer, taking into account the direct outlays, potential long-term returns on assets purchased, and the overall economic […]

Current Events

Thoughts on the bail-out

Here’s a thought. A $700-billion cost to the American taxpayer would come only if every single one of the mortgages that the government buys up defaults … that’s a lot of defaults. There’s a lot of people out there that will do whatever they can to keep their homes, which means a good chunk of […]


Contador wins the Vuelta

VeloNews | Contador wins the Vuelta With his third grand tour victory in barely a year, Alberto Contador has quickly grown from cycling’s boy wonder to the peloton’s new alpha male. The 25-year-old Spanish climber lived up to expectations to win the 63rd Vuelta a España to complete cycling’s “triple crown” and becomes just the […]