Palin to field voters’ questions for first time –

GOLDEN, Colorado — After several joint campaign appearances with Sen. John McCain, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin ventured off last week into solo campaign territory that was tightly controlled — no questions taken.

But for the first time since becoming McCain’s running mate, Palin will take questions in an open forum from voters alongside the Arizona senator on Wednesday.

But Palin’s solo debut is a case study in her appeal and in the McCain campaign strategy to keep her on a careful script.

What’s the matter, John? Are you afraid that if you actually let her speak for herself, that she’ll expose herself for the inexperienced nobody that she really is? That she’ll prove that not only is she not ready for the job, but that you showed extremely poor judgment in selecting her in the first place?

Palin’s two rallies out West were tightly controlled events. In Carson City, Nevada, on Saturday, Palin furiously signed autographs longer than she spoke.

In Golden, Colorado, on Monday, signs that voters brought to the rally were not allowed in. But yellow signs in the crowd were distributed by the campaign.

But John, when you’re elected, you’ll have to take an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America. What about people’s First Amendment right to freely express themselves? Why are you preventing them from doing so at your campaign stops? Are you afraid that it will show that you really have very little support amongst the real America?

By “real America”, of course, I am referring to the everyday working man and woman … the ones who know that the economy is not strong; the ones who fear for their jobs as you and your Republican cohorts keep exporting jobs overseas in the interest of “free trade” and “deregulation”, the ones who don’t understand how a man can not know how many houses he owns, who thinks that you’re not rich until you’re making $5-million/year.

John … may I call you John? The fact is that you are old and out of touch. We honor your service, but we don’t want you as our President, and we certainly don’t want a gun-toting, evangelical poodle a whisper away from the Oval Office. Sara Palin is Dick Cheney in high heels, but without the knowledge, experience or brains to handle the office. She’s George Bush in lipstick. She scares people who can actually think for themselves.