Big Mountain … not!

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After officiating at the Climber’s Trophy (the Utah State Hillclimb Championship) today, I felt like I had to get out and turn my legs over a little bit; at least briefly. I was hot and tired and drained from sitting out in the sun most of the afternoon.

A little more than 10 miles; essentially completely flat (a whopping 450 feet of vertical gained today), and the scary thing? I was slower on the flats, than some of the racers today were up Big Mountain.

But I rode. And I did score two bags of Caffe Ibis Triple Certified (Organic, Free-Trade, Shade-Grown) Espresso Roast as a thank-you for working today … in addition to the pay as a USA Cycling official, of course.

Mmmmm … coffee … yummmmmmmmmmmmmy.