News from Doctor ‘Cross!

Sugarhouse Cyclocross Clinic

No Onsite Registration – 50 Riders Total

Location: NW Corner of Sugarhouse Park, Salt Lake City. 1400 East 2100 South. See map.

Schedule: Thursdays, beginning Sept 18, 5:30-7:30 pm, until Nov. 20 (10 weeks total). November clinics start at 4:00 pm

All-inclusive Fees for the entire 10 weeks:

  • USA Cycling License Holders: $5
  • Non-licensed Riders: $25

Registration online at ONLY. You must register!

Goals: Learn something about cyclocross techniques; how to go over barriers, run up hills, and ride a skinny-tired bike off the pavement. Self-professed expert ‘crossers will conduct the clinics and distribute nuggets of wisdom. Cyclocross and/or Mountain Bikes are welcome.

Be cool, sell your capri pants and your fixed-gear, and go buy a ‘cross bike.

Rules: Bikes are absolutely prohibited off-pavement anytime except during the clinic! Violation will result in us losing use of the Park. This is a promise. Do not ride on the grass except for Thursdays, during the clinic.

Clinic participants are expected to police themselves and their colleagues.