The Wasatch Gasp

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Was going to tackle Emigration today, but the exercise-induced fat-and-out-of-shape asthma kicked in hard today … or the pollen, possibly, since my sinuses have been acting up as well.

So instead, tried to take it fairly easy on Wasatch from Hogle Zoo all the way down to 7200 South, before dropping down Big Cottonwood Canyon Road past the Old Mill and back into Holladay. This loop is essentially what the Cutthroat Racing team used to use for their Monday recovery rides, starting from Spin Cycle, in years past.

I was a little cross-eyed from oxygen-debt climbing up the bike path from the bottom of Parley’s back up to Wasatch, but I think I saw Fastgrrrl (nope, got confirmation it was not she, but a doppelganger) dropping down the path going the other direction; whomever it was got a nod, but I was gasping so hard, I’m surprised I didn’t fall over.

Now, the question is what movie do I want to watch after I get out of the shower?

Ushpizin? Be Kind, Rewind? Into the Wild? Empire of the Wolves? I’ve got time to think it over …