I’m catching some flak for expressing a preference for gelato, sorbet, and B-cups … and I’m not exactly sure why.

Please tell me, what’s wrong with B-cups? With a B-cup, there is something there, they are natural (for if you’re going to get implants, why stick with a B-cup), and they are far less likely to be subject to gravitational shifts due to age. B-cups are large enough to emphasize the fit of a well-cut dress, yet small enough to not distort clothing. B-cups can be appreciated from afar, yet will not always be the primary focus of attention (eyes up!). As far as I’m concerned, B-cups are damned near perfect.

So why am I “disgusting” for expressing this particular preference? Would I get the same guff if I had said “I like redheads” or “I’m a gentleman, and I prefer blondes” or “I like tall women who aren’t afraid to wear heels to emphasize the shape of their legs” ???

Several months ago, I posted an article about a study that indicated that curvier women tend to produce more intelligent offspring, especially with regards to the waist-hip ratio. I didn’t get any crap then for indicating that I prefer women with curvy butts/hips and smallish chests … why now?

Or was it my expression of love for gelato and sorbet, rather than for ice cream, that prompted the cry?