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A rough ride

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I know as well as anyone that most MaxHR calculators are guides, and that the only true way to determine your max is to have a VO2Max test done … but the calculators should be relatively decent estimates for everyone but elite athletes.

According to the most common forumula (220 – age), my MaxHR should be 178 bpm. In practice, I know that my MaxHR can reach about 183 bpm, but definitely not comfortably.

Today was not a good day, and I knew it wouldn’t be when I started off at 123 bpm before even turning a pedal.

Typically, anaerobic threshold is considered to be about 90% of max, so using the two numbers above, my AT level should be 160-164 bpm. I spent nearly half of today’s ride above 160 bpm, and averaged 155 bpm (87%) for the entire ride; even on the slight downhill sections on my way back home through Millcreek into Holladay.

So much for today’s “yeah-right” goal of doing twice as many miles as last weekend. I didn’t think that was likely, but was hoping for at least as many miles; but I don’t even think I managed quite half, and I am spent. This didn’t feel like the usual lack-of-fitness struggle, but rather that it was going to be a rough day no matter what.

But I still got out there, and that’s what’s most important.