Emigration, ending in tragedy

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Completed the climb up Emigration Canyon for the second time this season … felt pretty good, although my asthma definitely kicked my butt on the early parts of the climb before my lungs settled down. Had to take it easy the rest of the way of the climb, but managed to make it.

Unfortunately, my ride home ended in a minor tragedy on 27th South near 23rd East, when somehow a piece of bubble gum managed to destroy my rear derailleur … and my discount code for doesn’t work for the one Record derailleur they have in stock.

They're not supposed to look like this, are they?
They're not supposed to look like this, are they?

2 Replies to “Emigration, ending in tragedy

  1. The only thing I can figure is that it jammed up one of the pulleys, so the chain, instead of rolling through the derailleur pulled it up and into the spokes … and the tension ended up breaking the carbon plate on the parallelogram.

    But you can definitely see how ugly it was …

    There’s gum in the pulleys, there’s gum on the chain, and there’s gum going around the chainring. It’s a mess.

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