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Bush, Cheney signal support for Georgia –

WASHINGTON (CNN) — President Bush condemned the escalated violence between Russia and U.S.-backed Georgia on Sunday, while Vice President Dick Cheney said aggression against Georgia “must not go unanswered.”

“My administration has been engaged with both sides of this trying to get a ceasefire,” Bush told NBC’s Bob Costas in an interview in Beijing, China, where the president has attended Olympic events.

Bush was filmed speaking to Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin during Friday’s opening ceremonies and said Sunday that he “was firm with Vladimir Putin” and that “this violence is unacceptable.”

Violence has continued to rage between Russia and the western ally since Thursday, when Georgia launched an operation to crack down on separatists in South Ossetia territory. Russia said it wanted to protect its peacekeepers already in South Ossetia following ceasefires in years past. But Georgia called it a full-on invasion.

Not that the conflict is causing oil prices to rise again (because pretty much any bad news will cause oil prices to rise), but that when even our dipshit President is saying that violence is unacceptable, our warmongering Veep is pushing for a response …

One of the really interesting things about this conflict is that the Russians consider South Ossetia to be a part of Russia; and have issued Russian passports to many South Ossetians … yet Putin is complaining about the “flood of refugees” crossing into Russia.

Of course, like most conflicts these days, this one is all about oil … a key pipeline which carries oil from Asia to the Black Sea runs through South Ossetia … and the Russians want control of that pipeline; and since it is in Georgian territory, obviously the Georgians want to maintain control.

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  1. W.DAVEY … just exercising my First Amendment right to free speech and expression.

    And George W. Bush IS a dipshit.

    See, which defines dipshit as follows:

    1. A despised person; a moron; an ineffectual person; one with a habit of being wrong, loudly and often.

    There are a number of other definitions on that page as well, which you might find interesting.

  2. I think Dave W should look up the definition of “troll” while he’s at it… And as far as W being a dipshit , well, I second that emotion ;-)

  3. To this day we know Russia is the stronger country military wise, they have put their fear into Georgia by showing just that (entering the country with with an unnecessary abundant force, killing a vast amount civilians and then leaving again like nothing had happened)… hoping this fear will generate respect and future obedience to the Mother country. However and I quote… no, not from the Bible but from a known green midget source saying “Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering” I pray the latter will not come to be, for the the day will surely come when Russia has burned its own bridges across the world and when allies are running short.

    As it is today what has happened will be forgotten in the stream of news from the Olympic Games, another thousand or so people have lost their lives due to Russians atempt to set the status que in balance. but in the end of the day we now that ” Fear is the path to the dark side”!

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