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A few more miles in my legs

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As soon as I got out on the road today, my tooth (the one under the temporary crown) started hurting … higher blood pressure, perhaps, causing it to throb? In any case, since the air actually seemed fairly clear of particulate matter today, I decided to push on.

Definitely didn’t have the legs to attempt any real climbs, so once I got to the zoo, I headed back along Wasatch to 21st South, then dropped back into Millcreek, instead of taking Wasatch all the way back down. When I hit 45th South, didn’t feel like I had done quite enough, so pushed on down Holladay Blvd a bit further towards Cotton Bottom; flipping around and heading for home when I got to Cottonwood Elementary.

Legs and lungs felt okay, but my tooth was definitely bothering me a bit … 11 more days until the permanent crown.