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Sore mouth …

I’ve not been as diligent about going to the dentist the past few years as I should have been … but a couple weeks ago, one of my teeth started acting up, and I decided that it was finally time to get diligent again.

The verdict? I need a crown and a couple fillings … so today I was at the dentist again, getting my face numbed up, listening to the grinding, smelling the smoke, and getting a nice metal temporary crown installed. It’s a little rough at the base, which I fear may cause some problems with my tongue, but I only have to deal with it for 2 weeks until the permanent crown is ready.

In the mean time, my face is still numb and of course I can’t drink anything because it just dribbles down my chin and onto my shirt.

Although, maybe I should try to eat something now before the novocaine wears completely off and I get to deal with the soreness/tenderness from being poked and prodded and ground down …

And the tooth I originally went in for? Still awaiting that filling, which will be done when the permanent crown is seated.