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I love finding new music

Jason Lee Wilson… but even better than just finding new music in general, is finding new music by someone you thought had disappeared.

A couple years ago, Kim and I went back to Chattanooga to visit some of my family, and to go to the annual Riverbend Festival. While there, I discovered a great rockabilly band called the Cumberland Runners, and promptly bought their CD.

I’ve been waiting fir a new one ever since. Tonight, I was doing a lyric search for one of their songs and ran across a mention of Jason Lee Wilson, who happened to be the singer. iTunes is selling JLW’s solo album so I had to buy it immediately … and it’s great!

I don’t know if this means that the Runners are no more (and I certainly hope not) but my new music fix will be satisfied for a few more days.


One thought on “I love finding new music

  1. Just letting you know if you don’t already that he has another album out as well. It is really great. I know you can find it on Jason is a great guy with a ton of talent.

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