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I wonder …

… what would motivate a person to try and get another person kicked out of their affiliate programs.

In looking through my stats today, I’m seeing a really high number of consecutive clicks into this site, and from there to an ad on my site; then back to the site, and to another ad; then back to the site, and to another ad.

Oddly, most of these clicks seem to be coming from one computer, all at the same location. In fact, I got more clicks from 5:30 – 6:00 Mountain Time than I generally do in an entire day. This is the sort of thing that raises red-flags with ad providers, especially when those clicks account for more than 80% of the traffic during that half-hour period.

Research seems to indicate that normal click-through rates are typically between 0.5% and 4% … what do you think is going to happen if an ad-provider all of a sudden sees click-through rates jumping from that level to 25% or more, and nearly 80% during a given time slot?

I wonder if there is a way for a content-provider to restrict certain IP addresses from accessing a particular domain.