Christine’s Fountain

photoStopped at Christine’s Fountain while out for my ride today. It’s in a perfect place to stop and rest a bit and refill bottles at the mouth of Parley’s Canyon on Foothill.

I never met Christine Brimley, but many thanks for inspiring so many people, and many thanks to Marit Fischer for letting people know about Christine’s incredible life, which allowed me (amongst others) to help make this memorial a reality.

3 Replies to “Christine’s Fountain

  1. Great to see so many getting use out of that drinking fountain. Yes. Christine I certainly a person who’s legacy should live on for a long time. She was beautiful and amazing in every way. I miss her.

  2. I’ve ridden by that fountain many times but never stopped. Marit’s little story about her is quite inspiring – some of us leave this earth way too soon. Next time I’ll be sure to stop and pay homage.

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